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Shield Generator

Uploaded by Pecon
Feb 8th 2019, 8:49 AM


The toolkit item allows players to set up a shield generator with 300hp, which can be upgraded and healed with a welder.
The shield generator generates charge each tick based on its level. Higher level shields produce charge more quickly, hold more overall charge, and generate a slightly larger field of protection.
Allied players within the shielded area take 80% less damage, with all the damage prevented being deducted from the shield generator charge.
When an attack on a protected player brings the shield charge below zero, the shield generator takes direct damage for the difference between the damage prevented and the remaining charge. This means that certain very powerful attacks can cause the generator to explode after running out of charge.
After the shield is broken, it must reach a minimum charge threshold before it will power back up. This takes about 20 seconds or so.

Although this mod uses resources from Weapon_Sentry, it has the needed files self-contained for when Weapon_Sentry isn't enabled.
Gamemode_Slayer is required. The mod will not execute if you do not have Slayer installed.


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