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Air Swimmer

Uploaded by Dglider
Server Mods
Apr 6th 2016, 9:26 PM


I made these a long while ago.
The idea was to make a floating system, to simulate entering and leaving a space station. It worked, but wasn't very easy to use. So I adapted it to serve as a replacement for auto-jets. For building.

It works by creating a small, zero gravity water zone around the player, and a smaller trigger zone as well. Leaving the trigger zone moves both zones to the player's new position.

Slash Commands
/StartFlight - Start flying.
/StopFlight - Stop flying.
/toggleflight - Toggle flight on or off.
/tasclient - Admin/Host Only. Toggles whether clients can start or stop flying.
/tasadmin - Host Only. Toggles whether admins can start or stop flying. Also toggles whether or not admins can toggle client flight.

You can also bind keys in the controls section for /startflight, /stopflight, and /toggleflight.
Naturally the keybinds only work on servers with this mod installed.


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No bugs reported.
Apr 26th 2017, 12:16 AM
This mod works great for single-player and for the host in multiplayer.

For other client's there is a sort of "jitter" to their movement due to lag.