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Uploaded by Setro
Server Mods
Apr 6th 2016, 9:22 PM


This mod allows you to mount things together with ease. It's just like spawning bots over cars.
Usage: Look at an object and type:
/mtm # to mount that object to you (stands for mount to me)
/mmt # to mount to that object (somewhat like a warp) (stands for mount me to)
/mount1 and then /mount2 # on another object to mount mount1 to mount2
Replace # with any number, except for /mtm you can only use a number from 1-10
You can only mount vehicles, players, and bots.
The # represents somewhere an object can mount. Your player has 10, vehicles have different places. Experiment if you want.

/mount1 and /mount2 # example:
Look at a bot/player. Type /mount1. We will call this botty.
Then, look at a vehicle/bot/player, and type /mount2 3. We will call this car.
After doing this, botty will be mounted to car's third mountpoint.



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