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Farlands Punish

Uploaded by Setro
Server Mods
Apr 19th 2017, 4:46 PM


You! Yes, you! Are you TIRED of minges shooting guns on your server, or spraypainting you, or just being a dickhead in general? Well, you've come to the right place! My brand-new farlands punish script allows you to banish any asshole you feel like to the farlands, where they will suffer in a glitch-filled environment until their punishment is up. They can try to suicide all they'd like, but until their punishment time is finished, they cannot leave and will simply return to the farlands when they respawn!

Comes with 2 modes for when the victim's punishment is over: Kill and Return.
Return will return the victim to where they were before they were punished.
Kill will kill them after their punishment is over (useful for when teleporting may interfere with games)
/farlandsmode 1 for return mode, /farlandsmode 2 for kill mode.
To banish users: /farlands victim time (in seconds). You obviously need admin so good luck if you aren't admin.

Please enjoy! Please have fun punishing minges, but please don't use this on people who are innocent! But hey, I'm no cop, do whatever the hell you want.


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No bugs reported.
May 18th 2017, 5:58 PM
glitch: players dont return when punished
May 2nd 2017, 10:02 PM
gr8 addon. I will use this