Client-side Mods

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Name Author ID
Add-On Favorites Flaw 3082
Adjusted Brick Shift dUMBELLS 4567
Admin GUI Plus Demian 2587
Advanced Client Chat Clockturn 4348
Advanced Eventing GUI DrenDran 4307
Alt Enter fullscreen disable Stone Brick and Ephialtes 2690
Answering Machine Nexus 4304
Auto Jet Nitramtj 646
Auto Wrench Space Guy and Randy 23
Avatar Saver Xalos 3714
Beta CityGen GUI Mr. Wallet 496
Blockland Central Hub Lilboarder 1651
Brick Loading Search Bar AGlass0fMilk 306
Brick Quick Scroll dUMBELLS 4664
Bug-Me-Not Xalos 3963